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Ca Rugate Fulvio Beo Spumante NV

Ca Rugate Fulvio Beo Spumante NV

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Country : Italy
Region : Veneto
Style : Sparkling Wine
Grape : Garganega
Volume : 750 ml
Alcohol : 12.5%

Tasting Note :
Pale straw gold in colour, with greenish tinges and fine, long-lasting bubbles. Delicately fruity on the nose, with a hint of yeasty complexity; well-balanced and soft in the mouth, with a long crisp finish.

Food Pairing :
Fresh seafood dishes, white fish dishes, appetizers

About the Winery :

Ca Rugate Winery is a family-owned agricultural business in Veneto, Italy, that produces wines of the territory with distinctive and identifiable character that can evoke the land that they derive from: the Soave Classico, Valpolicella and Lessini Durello.

Their history goes back over a hundred years, inseparably bound up with that of the Tessari family for four generations and with that dark, volcanic soil of the Rugate hill, near the centre of Brognoligo, where it all began.

The focus has always been on nature, the source of agricultural sustenance, scrupulously respected, observed with knowhow. From 2004 all the Ca’ Rugate vineyards are treated with well thought out methods, sustainable for the environment; from fertilizers to the trimming of the rows and the pesticides used. “We have completely abandoned chemical fertilizers, substituting them with cattle manure on a three/five-year rotation, with organic soil conditioners and organo-mineral fertilizers. The aim is to obtain healthy grapes suitable for vinification which does not require corrective action on the must and which preserves the essence of the season’s grapes, enhancing the different features of every harvest.” With this in view, the company makes systematic reference to experts and technicians of the highest level, to guarantee in these terms the best results in production and in quality.