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Castello Danish Blue Cheese "Danablu" Extra Creamy - 100 gm

Castello Danish Blue Cheese "Danablu" Extra Creamy - 100 gm

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Country : Denmark
Region : Denmark
Type : Blue Cheese, Soft, Creamy, Lightly Crumbly
Milk : Cow

The pride of Denmark cheesemaking and highly recognized internationally, this Danish Blue Cheese, also known as Danablu as recognised for PGI under EU Geographical Indications, displays a fine nutty, blue mould aroma with hints of marzipan and soft sourdough. This intensely flavored cheese gives a rich and an extra creamy texture, lightly crumbly, buttery and savory with touch of mineral. Pairing it with a port wine, a French Sauternes or an Italian Moscato d'Asti, will definitely bring plenty of joy to anyone.

Important Note:
As the product is very sensitive to prolong exposure to warm temperature, please ensure that the recipient is available to receive the product at the agreed delivery period, and as soon as possible, keep it into the fridge once delivered/received.