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Chateau de Belleverne Le Cru du Chatelain Chenas AOP Beaujolais 2020

Chateau de Belleverne Le Cru du Chatelain Chenas AOP Beaujolais 2020

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Wines of Boutinot International Portfolio
Certified High Value Environmental
Suitable for Vegetarina & Vegan diet

Country : France
Region : Beaujolais
Style : Red Wine
Grape : Gamay
Volume : 750 ml
Alcohol : 13.5%

Tasting Note:
Deep and beetroot-stained, the palate is reminiscent of ripe Victoria plums; plush with a gorgeous velvety texture, pleasantly cleansing tannins and an uplifting, smooth finish.

Food Pairing:
Wonderfully paired with roast pork or beef bourguignon or try with autumnal root vegetables such as herb roasted butternut squash. Also delicious with hard cheeses, such as Comté or a Tomme de Savoie.

About the Beaujolais Cru Region of Chenas:
Chénas is named after chênaies, the dense oak forests which blanketed the Beaujolais region before Philippe V ordered them all to be cut down to make room for vines. Today, the vineyards of Chénas cover just 237ha, making it the smallest of the Beaujolais Cru. Soils are mainly granite, with some areas of schist and fertile alluvial clay. Granite and Gamay go hand in hand - granite is rich in quartz but the soils are generally poor and drain really well (great for vines). Most importantly, when rain meets quartz the result is silicic acid, which is good for Gamay as it stimulates deep root growth and - counter intuitively - keeps grape acidity in check.

About the Wine Producer:
Beaujolais is gaining around the world as the region produces accessible, easy-drinking wines in a variety of styles. Located in north of Beaujolais, Château de Belleverne is a 36 ha domaine which manages using environmentally friendly practices (HVE Certified since 2018). Its vines are at least 50 years old and includes prestige vineyard plots that are in four of the ten Beaujolais Crus, namely Juliénas, Chénas, Moulin-à-Vent and Saint-Amour, as well as in the northern realms of the Beaujolais Villages appellation.

Boutinot’s Samantha Bailey discovered the estate in 2014 during an impromptu tasting with the owner siblings, Didier, Alain & Sylvie Bataillard,  whose family have owned the 240 year-old property since 1969. Sharing their pursuit of finesse and concentration in Beaujolais wines, and intrigued by their twist on traditional vinification techniques, such as cooling the grapes during carbonic maceration to achieve this, a close working relationship developed. Samantha now has crucial ‘first access’ to the cellar, going in before anyone else to taste each and every cuvée to create blends exclusively for Boutinot, as shown in this Château de Belleverne range which features a Beaujolais Villages and a brace of Cru wines from Chénas and Saint Amour.

Chateau de Belleverne estate