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Feral Brewing Co. Cryo XPA Extra Pale Ale

Feral Brewing Co. Cryo XPA Extra Pale Ale

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Country of Origin : Swan Valley, Western Australia
Beer Type : Extra Pale Ale
Alcohol : 4.8%
Volume : 375 ml

Description by Producer

Using Cryo hops, the XPA is dripping with refreshingly, juicy tropical flavors of passionfruit, mango and apricot. 

This XPA has been carefully and dutifully crafted to deliver pineapple notes that trail off into sweet fruit. Rounding out with a medium body, this XPA is highly sessionable and the body is dripping with juicy tropical and stonefruit  notes think apricot, papaya and guava.

True to Feral’s pioneering history, we’ve utilized CRYO HOPS in this recipe, which delivers an unparalleled taste through the concentration of lupulin, while also maximizing the aroma impact.

Cryo Hops