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Garofalo Gluten-Free Non-GMO Penne Ziti Rigate - 400 gm
Garofalo Gluten-Free Non-GMO Penne Ziti Rigate - 400 gm

Garofalo Gluten-Free Non-GMO Penne Ziti Rigate - 400 gm

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*Certified Gluten-Free  II  Verified Non-GMO*
Corn flour, brown rice flour, rice flour, potato starch, quinoa
Country of Origin : Italy
*Product picture may vary due to changes in packaging by producer

Give up gluten without compromising taste. That’s the concept behind Garofalo’s high quality Certified Gluten-Free pasta, with a taste that will satisfy everyone. The driving philosophy is that everyone deserves great flavor. Although Garofalo faces the challenges of the taste as compared to the classic recipe due to the difference in ingredients, they have instead created the gluten-free pasta formula to have a different yet appealing flavor, an interesting new taste opportunity for all. They also proudly use a bronze die for their gluten free cuts, just like they meticulously done with their regular cuts, so to assure that the pasta will have that special extra texture

With the same traditional cut and external ridges, Garofalo Gluten Free Penne Rigate are the result of a careful selection of flours. They are bronze drawn to give them a roughness that makes any sauces to adhere perfectly.

Besides being Certified Gluten-Free, another important factor is that the special recipe with corn, quinoa and rice is Verified GMO-Free, all natural and providing an excellent, nutritional source of fiber, key to a healthy diet.

Garofalo take nothing for granted when processing their unique pasta. Every stage, every process draws both on traditional experiences and modern discoveries, as well as, focusing on original interpretation of taste. Their passion for their products translates into a relentless pursue for perfection. Hence, they always select raw materials with proven superior quality, and process using their meticulously tailored procedures and preferences. Their carefully planned directions and philosophy of quality have made Pasta Garofalo unique since 1789.

Cooking Directions:
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