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Janier Buchette de Lure  - 80 gm

Janier Buchette de Lure - 80 gm

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Country : France
Region : Provence, Southeastern France
Type : Soft & Creamy
Milk : Goat

Named after the magnificent view of the Mountain of Lure, the Buchette de Lure cheese is traditionally produced in the shape of a small log, exhibiting a distinct aroma of fresh & delicate goat milk sweetness. The inner texture is rich, smooth, creamy and melty, embraced by a layer of soft rind. Fantastic with a glass of dry rose, light & fresh.

Important Note:
As the product is very sensitive to prolong exposure to warm temperature, please ensure that the recipient is available to receive the product at the agreed delivery period, and as soon as possible, keep it into the fridge once delivered/received.