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Jiang Xiao Bai Baijiu 100 ML

Jiang Xiao Bai Baijiu 100 ML

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Country : China
Region : Jiangjin, ChongQing
Style : Baijiu
Ingredient : Sorghum (Gao Liang)
Volume : 100 ml
Alcohol : 40%

This Baijiu taste inherits the consistently refreshing and smooth features as what the company is passionately committed to. As neat, the mixed fragrance of green apple and fresh grass, as well as a sweet & smooth taste pleasantly hit taste buds.

As a cocktail base, it distinctively brings a rich sense of multi-flavor layers and an unforgettable palate experience. Overall, Jiang Xiao Bai reveals to the world the delicious excitement of Chinese baijiu.

Jiang Xiao Bai is being produced by Jiangji Distillery, which is located in Baisha town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing of China, known as Liquorlands. As early as the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 AD), liquor-brewing industry sprung up in Jiangjin. It is widely recognized in the industry that the locations at the north latitude 28 degrees of the Earth are the most appropriate zone for liquor brewing. Baisha town is located in this golden belt. Situated along the Yangtze River, Baisha town features four distinctive seasons and humid climate, and is suitable for microbial growth. All these elements are prerequisites for liquor brewing.

Jiangjin District, the home of Jiangji Distillery, features hilly terrain dominated by hills and mountains over plain. Meanwhile, the district is covered with fertile soil and surrounded by forests. The average content of selenium in the soil is as high as 0.3187mg/kg, which is more than 15 times of the world average. The selenium can not only enhance the human immunity, but also provide a superior growing condition for the plant. The water from Lvxi River is crystal clear and of premium quality, and is full of a variety of trace elements. Since the liquor brewed with Lvxi River water is characterized by sweet and fragrant flavor, with the large grain particle and high starch content, the red husk glutinous gaoliang is the best raw material for selenium liquor brewing.