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Magic Rock Brewing Murk Life Balance

Magic Rock Brewing Murk Life Balance

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Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Beer Type : Hazy Hopped Pale Ale
Alcohol : 5.0%
Volume : 330 ml


A New England – Hazy Pale Ale a using a high proportion of wheat and oats in the grist to add body and aid haze formation. Low bitterness to accentuate a soft mouthfeel and heavily dry-hopped with a blend of juicy hops that impart tropical fruit aromas filled with complex mango, passionfruit and tangerine with a hint of coconut.

Fermented with our house yeast, London Fog, for maximum aroma and a slightly sweet finish, it’s a perfectly balanced, smooth and tasty little number.


Founded in 2011, Magic Rock Brewing is a culmination of a lifelong passion for beer. Inspired by local brewing tradition and the vibrant US beer scene, Magic Rock Brewing draws inspiration from their local beer heritage and their peers in the global beer community to deliver a taste experience that is magically removed from the mundane. They make exceptional beer conjured with care and attention to detail; Beer that is flavorful, vibrant, satisfying and consistent; Beer that they love to drink themselves and proudly serve to everyone. They package in keg, cask and can because we believe different dispense suits different experiences – so whether at outdoors, down at the pub, or at home – there is a Magic Rock beer for everyone.