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Nihonsakari Honjozo Nama Genshu 200 ML

Nihonsakari Honjozo Nama Genshu 200 ML

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Country : Japan
Region : Hyogo Prefecture
Rice : Ginpu
Style : Honjozo
Polish : 70%
Sweetness : Neutral
Volume : 200 ml
Alcohol : 19.5%

Tasting Note:
Using cutting edge technology to remove enzymes so that this Namazake can be stored at room temperature. A soft texture with a big flavor, this Honjozo that is pleasant to savour with richer foods. Portable, lightweight and eliminates the need for glasses. Very robust flavor and body, with a lot of flavor. Great for sake bombs.

Reviews / Awards:
Gold Award - 2017 Los Angelas International Wine Competition
Silver Award - 2021/17 Texsom International Wine Award
Silver Award - 2020 International Wine Challenge