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Sakari Junmai Ginjo No.13 720 ML

Sakari Junmai Ginjo No.13 720 ML

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Country : Japan
Region : Hyogo Prefecture
Style : Junmai Ginjo
Polish : 55%
Sweetness : Neutral
Volume : 720 ml
Alcohol : 15.0%

Nihonsakari is established since 1889 in the city Nishinomiya of Hoyogo Prefecture. For more than 130 years, they have been passionately brewing sake with joy and with deep respect for nature, bringing together natural water, rice, koji and yeast, with techniques from the Tamba Master Brewers, to produce some of the highly regarded sake in Japan. Their reputation further cemented when they are officially appointed as suppliers of the Imperial Household.

Natural Water : Miyamizu, subsoil water from the Rokko mountain that springs out in Nishinomiya. Its mineral content makes it a key ingredient for superior, clean and crisp sake.

Rice : Yamada Nishiki and it’s also known as “the king of sake rice”. It has a large grain and ideal characteristics for sake brewing.

Koji : the mold that allows the conversion of starch into glucose, a necessary precondition for fermentation. At the same time, during this process, the enzymes inside koji produce the amino acids of sake.

Yeast : Uses different kinds (more than 600) of yeast in order to create the unmistakable aromas of our sakes. For most of our sake we use our original yeast, that exists only inside the Sakari brewery.

Tasting Note:
You will be surprised by how fruity Sakari Junmai Ginjo is! While, of course, it contains no fruit, the fermentation process lets it develop all kinds of natural aromas. Tropical nose of mango and melon. Creamy mouthfeel, good body, hint of citrus.

Reviews / Awards:
Silver Award - 2021 Texsom International Wine Award