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Seriously Mature White Cheddar Cheese 10 months - 200 gm

Seriously Mature White Cheddar Cheese 10 months - 200 gm

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Country : Scotland
Region : Stranraer, South West
Type : Full-Flavored Cheddar
Milk : Cow

Scottish cheddar perfection with more than 150 years of cheesemaking history, obtaining one of the finest milk from the environmentally un-spoilt rural corner of South West Scotland in Stranraer. After dairy business founded by Archibald McLelland in the late 1800s, one of the distinct characteristic of the cheese is the calcium lactate crystals formed during the maturation process, providing that tantalizing crunch alongside a complex taste that’s tangy, with a hint of caramel notes. Full-flavored, smooth texture, richly creamy and SERIOUSLY tasty. Complete the wonderful pairing with a glass of oaked chardonnay from Australia's Margaret River or USA's California.

Important Note:
As the product is very sensitive to prolong exposure to warm temperature, please ensure that the recipient is available to receive the product at the agreed delivery period, and as soon as possible, keep it into the fridge once delivered/received.