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Societe Roquefort Cheese Slice - 100 gm

Societe Roquefort Cheese Slice - 100 gm

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Country : France
Region : Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, Southern France
Type : Blue-Veined Natural Rind, Semi-Soft, Creamy, Crumbly
Milk : Sheep

Often called in France as "King of Cheeses", legend has it that during a meal break at the the base of Mount Combalou, in a cave, a shepherd spotted a beautiful girl and ran after her, forgetting about his food of bread and ewe's milk curd. However after days of searching, he failed to find the girl and returned to the cave, to discover that the left behind ewe's milk curd had developed green veins while the bread turned moldy. Out of hunger, he took a bite off it and overwhelmed by the taste. Unknowingly to him, the mold, Penicillium Roqueforti which we later called, produced a intense, beautiful cheese we are enjoying now. After which, it had been enjoyed by kings (especially Emperor Charlemagne and King Charles VI), popes & nobility, and now affordable to everyone around the world, quality and tradition protected by the stringent French AOC guidelines.

The cheese is rich, creamy, tangy and mineral on the palate. The intense sheep milk flavor balances the blue mold aroma, creating that exclusive unique taste. opening a bottle of port, Sauternes, sweet German Riesling or Moscato d'Asti will match perfectly and delightfully with this gift of nature.

Important Note:
As the product is very sensitive to prolong exposure to warm temperature, please ensure that the recipient is available to receive the product at the agreed delivery period, and as soon as possible, keep it into the fridge once delivered/received.